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Eco-friendly weekend

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Discover another way of life while enjoying a weekend of green activities that will allow you to dive into this fascinating world.
We invite you to discover this entirely ecological habitat with a first guided activity in a dynamic, enjoyable and didactic way that will allow you to meet again with your past and yourself not forgetting age-old practises. This route will take you through the familiar farm where cheese, yogurt and ecologic fresh milk are produced and by its vegetable garden based on an environmentally friendly agriculture.

You’ll appreciate a healthier lifestyle in this small town composed of these green architecture houses using bio construction techniques where stone, wood, glass, clay and lime are considered high-quality materials that prevail. The paint is also eco-friendly and the insulating materials are made of cork and vegetable fibres. It should be noted the appropriate management of the interior space obtained by the Feng Shui, the elimination of electromagnetic fields and the use of organic textiles that occupy a great part of our vital space. Rediscover your origins visiting the ecological museum where you’ll have the opportunity to experience how people lived in rural Galicia in 1920-1930 when their way of life was self-sufficient during pre-industrial times.

Here’s a unique opportunity to recover practises becoming even more important due to the situation of our planet at the present moment and a great way to use the past as a renewable, educational, scientific, artistic, promotional and economic resource. You’ll restore strengths savouring 100% organic food. To achieve the first day activity you’ll bring the cows from the pasture to the farm accompanied by the guide.
You’ll taste a great dinner prepared with organic and traditional food from this area to finally take pleasure in resting in a purely green house.
After a good breakfast you’ll attend the second activity that consists in handcrafting cheese naturally and ecologically and learning all the secrets of the farm and its unique and particular production.

These activities are scheduled for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It’s also possible to carry out the activities in one day, in the morning and afternoon, without the overnight stay.


- Guided tour
- Tasting
- Activities
- Dinner
- Breakfast
- 1 night accommodation        


- Guided tour
- Activities
- Tasting

Minimum group size 10 people, for smaller groups contact us by e-mail or phone.     

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