Why should you visit Galicia?

Vaca rubia galega

It is called the end of the world, the land with ten thousand rivers or the country of a million cows. Several different definitions for a unique place: Galicia, this green corner of northwest Spain where the rain is art over wet stone and the sun is the balm of such beautiful and contrasting landscapes.

There are so many hidden secrets in Galicia! Did you know that the most beautiful beach of the world is located here? No just because we say it, The Guardian says so. It is Rodas beach and you can find it in Cíes Islands, a nature reserve bathed by the waters of the Atlantic sea. Over a hundred kilometres north, in the Orzán beach, you’ll be able to listen the most wonderful sound of the sea on the planet. Here is located the only Roman Wall entirely preserved, more than two kilometres long, and also the oldest working lighthouse in the world; both monuments declared World Heritage Sites.

But the charm of Galicia also lies in little things, in the daily pleasures such as enjoying the best food in good company. How well are we Galicians known for our gastronomy and for how well (and how much) we eat. The roughness of the north waters brings us excellent quality seafood and the soft climate of the south provides the ideal conditions to produce the best wines. The best meat and the typical tetilla cheese, with a unique taste and shape, come from the mountains and inland valleys.

A special ingredient has to be added to this exquisite recipe: the affection for tradition influences our cuisine but also our music, our myths and legends and even our way of life. We’re also known for being suspicious, but you’ll quickly discover that the distance of the first moment is only a protective shield hiding a very friendly and affable nature.

Islas Cies

The people, the sea, the wet soil, the leafy woods, the water of the rain and the rivers, the stone, the tradition… and the way. The Way of Saint James or Camino de Santiago, this conglomerate of paths ploughing through the depths of this land, brings together its spirit and becomes the best way to know Galicia, a land difficult to define even for us who were born and grown here.

Maybe its charm is a mystery, as well as our meigas (witch in Galicia): nobody can see them but they exist.

Only one thing is certain: whoever visits Galicia comes again. We encourage you to uncover all its secrets!

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