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In this first post we’d like to tell you a bit more about Galician Roots and its story. Galician Roots is the fulfilled dream of two young people aged 30 and 32. The situation seemed quite difficult after remaining both unemployed, at the moment unemployment is through the roof in Spain and finding a job is something of a lottery. Although it didn’t seem the best moment to start a business venture maybe for several reasons it finally appeared to be the appropriate time to go for it.

The idea of Galician Roots arose from some travel we had the chance to do, sentences beginning with “do you imagine” or “if we…” became frequent in our conversations. Whenever we visit a place we thought of Galicia and its unknown attractions, precious places that are near us and aren’t valued as they deserve.


And that’s how the project of Galician Roots started to grow and take shape, a travel agency dedicated to discover exclusively Galicia. Our aim is to promote and show the many facets of our land, culture and tradition and share all these locations that captivate us. To this day we managed to create a website with trips and holidays we like but there’s still much to be done. It gives us great satisfaction to see it gradually become what we dreamed of.

We must recognise that fulfilling this goal was very hard-working and tedious. We don’t want to discourage those wanting to start their own company, it’s only a personal experience that can serve as an example of the situation in which many entrepreneurs like us find themselves. Patience is not only a virtue in this case but almost essential…

It took many months to start our business, this delay was mainly due to the lack of administrative agility and information and also the same agility lack affected the intermediaries. There isn’t a specific legislation for online travel agencies in Galicia (at least not at that moment), so we had to follow the steps to open a conventional travel agency even though we weren’t sure to meet all the requirements. Although we didn’t have much documents to present some seemed to be difficult to obtain and we had to require them on repeated occasions. One in particular, a special endorsement for travel agencies, only granted by some insurance brokers. It was a huge challenge getting the information and necessary papers from an insurance company as it took us more than one month, and believe it or not we had to insist.

We finally obtained our policy and the related form signed and stamped for the government but it had to be sent 3 times. The first time the ministry was renamed so the form wasn’t valid, the second time the decree changed so as it appeared on the form too it wasn’t valid again and the third time the form appeared lost on the table of an officer in charge of our papers. These setbacks delayed us a lot, every time we had to send back this form to the insurance in Madrid, receive it back signed and stamped and send it again to the government it took 3-4 weeks… This is the anecdote that best exemplifies the slowness we talked about, we have dozens more but this gives you an idea of the situation.

We had spent many months when we finally received our licence and missed much of the vacation season. After several months of hard work in order to open in time it’s very frustrating when things go wrong because of the administrative slowness and obstacles. Given the current situation in our country and the working difficulties it would be very appreciated if new entrepreneurs received the appropriate counselling, and by this we mean the help of someone that could really guide in the steps to follow and not send you to another counter to handle your request…

That said we would like to encourage all of those who intend to create their own business, although the journey can be hard sometimes, and we couldn’t describe it better, it’s highly rewarding creating something out of nothing and feeling it’s truly yours. Seeing its evolution and changes, doing lists with further improvements for the coming years, thinking about new tours and trips and especially seeing it’s beginning to pay off is a very gratifying experience.

So if you have an idea or project thrilling you and you’re considering launching it we really hope you’ll try and stay strong even though the results are slower to come.

To conclude here’s the link to our website, we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do:


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