The French Way, a customised route for you


Achieving the French Way has never been an easy matter. Reaching successfully the Plaza del Obradoiro could turn into a great deed like Ulysses in the Odysseus.

Many of you may know it but many others, probably, have experienced it: the days when finding an accommodation was almost an impossible mission and the backpacks tortured our back with no mercy. These times when our damaged feet were the experiment of homemade solutions and we improvised massages for our tired legs.

However things have considerably changed in such a short time, especially on the French path. The increasing number of pilgrims has allowed this route to flourish and offer a growing variety of services that make easier the travel to Santiago while adhering to the two major components of a pilgrimage: effort and sacrifice.

Perhaps the most significant change was related to the accommodation offer, with larger variety and a remarkable increase in the number of hostels, both public and private. During high season they become insufficient but there are many alternatives: you’ll find guesthouses and hotels in every town of the camino and also country houses, growing at the foot of the path and its surroundings.

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Backpacks and luggage won’t be a burden anymore: one of the easiest services you’ll find is the luggage transfer, you’ll also be able to complement it with van support if needed, travel assistance and even insurances that will cover you during the trip. Another very useful service is the transfer from the airport of Santiago to your starting point of the camino upon your arrival and the transfer back to the airport once you’ve completed your pilgrimage. Nowadays it’s also possible to book physiotherapist sessions so as to regenerate your body and your mind, walk the camino accompanied by a guide if you don’t want to miss a thing and even rent a bike if you’re interested in doing the route on wheels.

The camino opens up before us with endless possibilities allowing everyone to enjoy it in the better way. The options are plenty and at Galician Roots we know it. That’s why we have created three tours offering three different ways to fulfil the last 100 kilometres of the French Way. And if none of the alternatives suits you we’ll prepare a custom made trip for you. Find detailed information about all our trips and services at

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