The accommodations on the Camino de Santiago

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There’s one lesson you’ll learn soon during your journey towards Santiago. Three or four stages will be enough. You’ll find how important is to sleep enough and well to complete successfully the Camino.

You’ll be able to sleep wherever you want as there’s a wide variety of accommodations: from the most clapped-out sports centre to the most luxurious manor house, passing through hostels, hotels and country houses with all the amenities. But keep in mind that not all the accommodations are equally comfortable and they’re not always available. Due to the high occupancy in summer it may be a hard task to find an accommodation next to the Camino, that’s why we recommend you to organise your trip early enough in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Below is a short summary with the accommodation offer on the Camino so that you can choose the option that best suits you.

Generally the hostels are the most requested, and also the most occupied during high season. They cover the basic needs: roof, bed and shower for a price ranging from 6€ to 10€ per night. Some are public (managed by the Government of Galicia or by the council themselves) and private. Recently they have improved their services and amenities, so you’ll find many having a washing machine service, clothes dryers, common rooms with kitchen utensils so as to prepare food and vending machines for beverages and snacks. You won’t have to walk any extra kilometre to find them and they’re the best option to know people and establish social relationships. As a counterpart, you’ll have to struggle with the noise, snores and maybe queue for the toilet…

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Guesthouses and hotels are an alternative to the hostels. You’ll find them easily on your way through each town of the Camino, 2 or 3 stars accommodations with a good quality-price ratio. Most of these are family businesses, without luxuries but clean and welcoming. The accommodations are usually complemented with a coffee shop and a restaurant service, providing big meals (much like the daily menu) and rich breakfasts. Almost all the rooms offer en suite facilities, TV and heating. There’s a wide range of prices: you can find double rooms from 30€ to 60€.

Country houses offer a different kind of rest, not only for the body but also the senses. With greater privacy and surrounded by a peaceful environment and beautiful landscapes, they’ll also ally you to experience the Galician countryside way of life and some of its traditions. Rural accommodations are usually restored farmhouses located in small towns, with gardens and terraces and they’re not very big. That’s why we don’t recommend them if you’re doing the Camino with a group with more than 12 people. They provide the same services as a hotel and they normally rent the rooms for prices between 35€ and 85€ during high season, with free access to the common areas (kitchen, living room, reading and playing room…). Many also provide lunches and dinners for about 12€ or 15€ and breakfasts starting from 4€.

The manor houses (houses of the ancient Galician nobility) are accommodations of the highest category and comfort. These are representative buildings of the traditional architecture in Galicia, with centuries of history and thousands of square metres of ranch and gardens. They’re a haven of peace where you can usually find a chapel, a vegetable garden and even water mills and dovecotes. The main difference with the other type of accommodations is the extra services and activities they provide, following is a part of all the services you can find: swimming pool, tennis and paddle courts, mini-golf, paintball, bicycles, washing and ironing of clothes, physiotherapist and free car park. Booking starts from 75€ per night in a double room. Dinner and breakfast are not included.

That said we hope you have a great overview of all the accommodation types so now it’s up to you to choose the best way to rest.

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