A few tips to help you prepare the Camino de Santiago


You’ll find many good partners along the path, but one of the best is without a doubt your backpack; this little world on your back should become a valuable resource for the next days. We know it’s not an easy task to get the most out of such a small space, that’s why we want to give you a few tips for your pilgrimage towards Compostela so that you could get away efficiently with any unexpected event as if you were a real Inspector Gadget.

However, completing successfully the Camino also depends on choosing the right path. You don’t need to be an Olympic medallist to reach Compostela, but the fact remains that the various routes feature different levels of difficulty and you must be aware of our possibilities and physical limitations. It’s advisable to take walks in the weeks prior to your trip if you’re not used to do sport, using the same footwear and carrying a rucksack of similar weight as you’ll do then.

Once done you’ll be able to start thinking about your backpack. What should you bring with you? Only the minimum necessary, this must be your top priority. If you start the Camino during summer three or four t-shirts should be enough, a pair of trousers with detachable legs and a warm jumper. A cap and, of course a raincoat is essential when it comes to travel to Galicia as it’s often affected by the rain. Your footwear should be comfortable. Worn and flexible trekking boots would be ideal. Your feet will appreciate sandals or a spare pair of sport shoes at the end of each stage.

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Don’t forget to include a small first aid kit! It should contain aspirin, bandages for possible sprains, plasters and materials to soothe and treat blisters. Pay special attention to the care of your feet, they’ll probably be afflicted…

Besides a closet and pharmacy, your rucksack should also be a larder. Nutrition is extremely important when walking the Camino. We recommend you to have strengthened breakfasts (a simple coffee with milk won’t be enough) and stay hydrated. Always have a bottle of water handy in order to refill it and drink before you feel thirsty. To beat the heat in the summer there are canteens to keep your water cold.

We’d also recommend you to eat solid food every hour, keep a corner in your backpack to include cereal bars, fruit or a little sandwich. You’ll find countless establishments to have lunch and dinner on your way through each village. Many of them offer the “pilgrim menu”, with reduced prices and a large choice of dishes.

If you still have space left, take a torch, a towel, a toilet bag with your personal care products, clothes pegs… and of course a sleeping bag and a ground mat! Too much weight for your back? Few things for so many days? Don’t worry, the rucksack is no longer a problem for the pilgrim. The luggage transfer service is commonly extended and Galician Roots includes it in every package, even on the basic one. Don’t let the Camino become a burden! https://galicianroots.com/index.php/en/pagina/id/28



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